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I want to use all of my life experiences to be the mayor and leader of Greater Sudbury. It is my goal to unite the council in the direction of a proactive and progressive place to live so I appreciate your time in reading my platform.

Troy Crowder



I've been fortunate to have many different experiences in my life so far, I've worked in construction, I've owned businesses, I've been a professional hockey player in the NHL, I've run a resort, hockey camp, and worked in player development with the Calgary Flames. This work and my involvement with charity organizations in Sudbury and around the world I have been to 1000+ cities. Seeing great ideas and city planning with deep and integrated thought. 

With a true desire to get back to Sudbury, and a true desire to help Sudbury reach its amazing potential to become a great city, I moved home to become involved in politics.

I am now running to be your mayor. I realize that as one person I can't achieve anything without the help of the people of Sudbury and if elected, the help of the council.

I want to use all of my life experiences to be the mayor and leader of Greater Sudbury. It is my goal to unite the council in the direction of a being proactive and progressive.

I appreciate your time in reading my platform.

Thank you,
Troy Crowder.

Who is the

City of

The city of Sudbury was built on the backs of men and women who came here to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Going forward we cannot take the disparaging situation facing our seniors. This province, in particular, this city does not have the adequate long-term care or retirement facilities to handle our aging population. Life in Sudbury and taxes are putting a major strain on their financial abilities. We need to address this and give the proper respect to the ones who made the city what it is.

Sudbury has many great families, quite a few are multi-generational, and it is disheartening to see the look on grandparents and parents faces when I knock on doors, listening to them say that they wish their kids were able to work in Sudbury. They had to leave the town because they couldn't find work in their field. The older generation now only get to see their grandkids when they visit or travel to see them.

Sudbury residents are bread with a hard work ethic and/or appreciation for the lakes and outdoors. This has helped transform a once barren landscape into one to be proud of.

Though Sudburians play many team sports, it feels like many people and groups act in an individual or self-serving method. I feel this is because there has never been a collective path for everyone to benefit. Since the amalgamation, this city has been more fractured than ever before.

Now is the perfect time for a change, change for a better city and a better fortune.


Potential &

We live in a beautiful city - our re-greening efforts transformed Sudbury into a beautiful city, and a place to be proud of.

But we now have an opportunity to take that pride and make it even better.

Not only to us as residents, but to attract new business to set up here. A great community to live in can also be a great city to visit. All of our liabilities can easily become our assets when a true plan is in place. We have the space available to make this change.

There is property available to correct bike paths and walking areas across our city with very minimal usage on roads or sidewalks.

We have bell park and Grace Hartman amphitheater that we can improve to make operational 7 days a week so our arts, culture and entertainment community has a world class venue! With these improvements, it can be a  place unaffected by weather. It will draw in tourist & with its connection with Science North and our bike paths program, canoe & kayak rentals facilities and other amazing attractions it will be a world-class tourist attraction and the jewel of the city.

Since our city is a place where a large group of us have camps, cottages, trailers, and tents for our weekend adventures, we can support events during the week as well!

Troy Crowder's Platform

Roads and Infrastructure:


It is quite obvious we have terrible roads. With modern innovation in surface and substructure construction and products - any newly constructed road can be built to last longer and save in the end.

Patching & Potholes

There are many new advancements in equipment used to patch and repair potholes that are much more cost effective than the current methods. One example would be Python 5000.

Technology in pothole repair and equipment has been used in other cities and we need to get on board that train. Cost savings and quality of repair are far greater than our 60-year-old methods used now.

Parking & Downtown

There are complaints of parking in the downtown core, but there is land around that can be used to increase the amount of parking available. Also with the proximity to Bell Park, a tram could shuttle people from bell park to downtown. This shuttle could also shuttle during special events to parking areas around the city for people who have difficulty walking to events.

The downtown has changed greatly over the years. It was the hub of the city until the mega malls popped up at the four corners and new Sudbury. For a tourist or a person not wanting the typical franchise experience, downtown can be the spot for a wonderful visit. This opens the door to art, culture, dining, music, and entertainment as well as more sustainable jobs.

Sewer and Water

Besides the increase in the cost of delivery and removal of your water and sewer to homeowners, there is a major looming cost planned by the city. There is a new water treatment plant on Wanapetae lake, as well as an additionally required sewer treatment expansion on Kelly Lake. These will cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. While other communities have already successfully implemented water usage reduction plans and advisory panels, Sudbury has not.

We have already seen the benefits after Bob Tait proposed to the city how effective just switching Sudbury's community housing toilets and shower heads to low usage models could be. The project was paid for in savings in 18 months. With this, along with other homeowners doing the same, Sudbury now uses 15% less water than it did 4 years ago.

We also should be spending money on repairing the old system of pipes. We lose between 20-30% of our treated water through breakage and leaks each year. Putting money into repair and replacement is much more cost effective and necessary than just adding more water to the system

Transit System

Transportation with buses being our only source of mass transportation we need to look at what else is an option. Many people have wanted to pull the track out of downtown but this liability could be one of our greatest assets.

In Europe, train stations are the hub of the city and we should be looking at using these track systems to transport people from the outlying communities to our city. Whether it is a relocation of the cargo depot to another area or a time lease agreement to have a commuter people service into the city instead of buses and in conjunction with this eyesore along with bike paths and other forms of ridesharing etc. could make Sudbury one of the most progressive cities in the country.

Greater Sudbury encompasses a very large area. But our train tracks access almost all areas of it.

As for the tracks along Ramsey lake, with modern technology, there is no reason we can't make it safer with less impact on our water we drink and the lakes we enjoy. This project should be brought forward to both federal and provincial governments. To elevate the possibilities of a tragedy like Lac-Megantic and the constant pollutants leaching into our lake.

This project could further enhance the accessibility to walkers and bikers along Ramsey Lake. Great for the environment, the residence and the tourists.


Leaders in Industrial Technology

We need to work with the industries and our post-secondary schools to create and adapt some of our current expertise into new channels of opportunity.

If we are leaders in mining and mining equipment, why not add road making equipment paving and repair - it is not a far stretch. This benefits not only the school programs but the job readiness of students, industry partners and our community as a whole.

Employment For Our Youth

This is a city that was built to accommodate miners working for a mining company. Times have changed, the workforce has changed. the visibility for long-term mining is weakening. We need to address the possibilities of new mines. Technologies to help make it cost-effective in the global economy. But more important is that we need to make a steady transition into a more diverse economy.

We have many very intelligent youth and adults who have to leave the city to find jobs. In a modern internet world, there is no reason we can't have them stay here. Why are Sudbury's youth leaving? Why can't Sudbury have a stronger focus on attracting new industries, new technologies, and new jobs?

There answer is that we can, and I'm ready to start that process when elected to the city's leadership.


As for diversifying our economy and community, we need to be more open for business. Our development charges make Sudbury a very undesirable place, and so people go elsewhere.

The tax received from property and buildings should be recognized as a much more long-term benefit. The people these businesses hire then require homes which equal more property taxes. This is not complicated math.

Secondly, attracting new business is always easier when the city is a great place to live. Examples of cities turning their fortunes around would be Baltimore, Maryland, and Nashville. None of those places were what they are today when I played there, 30 years ago.

Administration & Vision


A true leader uses all of their abilities to communicate the direction the ship is going and why to the other decision makers. This way a quick and smooth journey will take place.

To do so, a leader needs to be as well informed as possible. Because there are always going to be more different views and in order for a plan to move forward, the right plan needs to be in place with the group in agreement.


When setting a goal that the taxpayers have asked for or need, measures need to be put into place as if you were the project manager.


Project and consulting reports should all be available to the public, not cherry picking the criteria of going against the grain for others gain.

Long Term Vision

 This is a city that was built to accommodate miners working for a mining company. Times have changed, the workforce has changed. the visibility for long-term mining is weakening. We need to address the possibilities of new mines. Technologies to help make it cost-effective in the global economy. But more important is that we need to make a steady transition into a more diverse economy.

We have many very intelligent youth and adults who have to leave the city to find jobs in a modern internet world there is no reason we can't have the stay here.


Communication is the key to everything whether it is a relationship or a business, but in particular when you are the leader of some organization or group you have to communicate and do it with the goal of understanding the "why" of a goal of a project.

Amalgamation Deficiencies

As someone who grew up in the outskirts of Sudbury, I remember when roads were good and snow plowing was not an issue. It was up to local council to figure out how to get arenas and community center etc built. They did a pretty good job.

I have read and consulted with many experts on the city spending and practices. I know there are savings, there are better uses of money spent, better investments, better ways to plan and execute projects, and in repair and maintenance. With the cost savings involved with the junction and a more cost-effective arena project, millions can be used to return the outlying areas to the roads and services they used to have.

Community & Culture


Social interactions start with getting out of the house and off the phone. Sudbury is an outdoor playground. We need to give the opportunity for people to visit and see this. We need hotels with a view of the lakes, you should be able to eat at restaurants and look out on the lake. Bike around our lake, and forests.

Indigenous Relations

We have 2 indigenous communities and many city indigenous programs that have not been in communication and planning with the city for success.

Safety and Liability

There need to be more people doing the maintenance in this city - our community housing, city buildings, and our roads, laneways, and parks should be safe and appealing.

We went from 200 maintenance personnel to 57. Why has maintenance and prevention taken a backseat in our city? We need to become proactive instead of reactive.

We have a city philosophy with many of our city-owned properties of no maintenance, just fix it when it is broken. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - if we took better care of our property and assets in the city - we would save money with low-cost maintenance instead of expensive repair and replacements. 


Our amphitheater gets used less than 10% of the year. If we built skyboxes and helped pay for them with local corporate signage on each box - we can afford to put a retractable roof and use it with no worry for the weather for over 50% of the year, with even bigger possibilities.

Some additional event uses could be comedy festivals, Cinefest showings, indigenous arts and culture, plays, dances, concerts, pow-wows, and storytelling could all be held at the amphitheater and throughout bell park.

The list goes on as to what is possible, but if you build it they will come.



While the city brads about the 300 lakes in the greater city boundaries, we haven't done much with them. While Ramsey lake and the Bell Park area is beautiful, it's not much more than a great walking area.

If friends or family come to town, or even a tourist, there is nothing we could highlight as a must see in our city. 

Consider our bike paths: the bike path from the 4 corners through Laurentian and up to Science North stops at Bell Park. And our paths in from New Sudbury stop at the Kingsway hill. Connecting them, connects our city safely and to our jewel of Bell Park.

While most cities have used their lakes as a focal point - leveraging the waterfront as the highlight of the city, we seem to have kept our 300 lakes on the sidelines. We do not have any hotels with a view of a lake. We also don't have any restaurants on the waterfront. These things happen in every city around the world that has any kind of waterfront, except for us.

We can achieve this easily and with improvements to the environmental impacts that are currently being put on our lakes. Healthier, Safer, attractions for tourism and a healthier environment. Look at the simple solutions and cost-effective projects that we can do around Ramsey Lake.

That would dramatically improve the quality of life for residents and to start creating a tourism business in Sudbury. Tourism is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries worldwide. The benefit to our city and lifestyle also creates many new jobs and new money into the industry’s that need it most. Arts, Entertainment, Food industry, youth employment.

With a poorly thought out 1.3 billion dollar sewer and water plan set for the next 30 year, there is no mention of preventing stormwater from our roads from carrying salt and pollutants into our lakes.

Ramsey is our main drinking supply and many countries and cities around the world use reverse osmosis to clean and remove the salt from drinking water and for vegetation. With our expertise in blasting rock, it would not be a far stretch to create catchment areas for the polluted water to be cleaned and reused for re-cleaning our roads or put back fresh into our lakes.

Simple and Cost Effective


When I look at this city or the hundred I have been to it is not just one thing that makes it work. It’s an overall plan and one that utilizes its assets and addresses its liabilities. In Sudbury, there are certain points of focus that need to be addressed. An aging population with insufficient long-term care beds and retirement homes along with a rapidly increasing cost of living which includes property taxes. We also have youth unemployment and youths with no relevant jobs for their field of study. To address these problems we need to look at the low hanging fruit and start to make a change. 

The Old General Hospital Property

I will put city money in the form of removing all development charges. Work with the provincial government to convert the old hospital into a long-term care facility. The vacant part of that property would be rezoned to allow a hotel to be built by the developer. This would address both the youth and our seniors and cost the city relatively no money. Create jobs and the start of a tourism industry.  

Grace Hartman Amphitheatre

Using some city money and corporate sponsorships, build skyboxes around the back area and with an addition to this structure a retractable roof. As for a venue to rent our revenues would be five times what they are currently. Also adding to a seven day a week venue of both paid and free events. The second step to a tourism industry ( along with Science North ).

Laurentian University Multi Pad Facility and Research Center

By closing one of the two rinks in Capreol. You would save $150 000 a year. You could then rent out the space for warehousing. That money could be used for local support in Capreol’s business and tourism projects. Then allowing LU to build its own two new pads, residents would significantly reduce the travel time used in kids hockey and figure skating. Time, money, better for the environment. LU would have an on Campus rink for their Basketball and hockey teams, and students could walk over to support their teams and school. Making it a better attraction for better athletes. One of the pads could be wired with infrared sensors and high-speed camera systems and localized GPS. To do studies in kinesiology and biomechanics, sports equipment testing and improvement. Health sciences could use this and can perform additional testing and research for their programs.

Along with these pads, a hotel could be built to host tournaments along with Countryside arena to have four pads in close proximity. These families would also be right on property to watch these University teams play. The hotel could be used as a part of their use in conferences as well as HSN. During the Summer it would be used as one of the few hotels around Ramsey lake that are connected to our bike paths, canoe rentals and the Attractions of Science North Grace Hartman Amphitheatre. We can accomplish this with little to no cost to the city, and it would create more construction jobs, more tourism jobs, and more hands-on experience for students. It could lead to Canada’s leading edge and premier sports and health programs, increase attraction and enrolment at LU, and partnerships with Cambrian and College Boréal. 

Legion Branch 76

Up on the hill off Weller st. Is a city-owned property that is leased to the legion. In partnership, we could build an affordable retirement home on part of the property and a legion hall. On the other part a hotel, with a wedding and small conference hall with the best view of Ramsey Lake. This property can also be connected to our bike path system. These are projects that are all wanted by the developers and stakeholders. All with little cost to the city. All with benefit to both young and old. Creating new jobs and taking care of seniors affordability and dignity.

The Downtown Area

It doesn’t take much to figure out crime has increased in downtown. Homelessness is increasing and needles and drug use is rapidly expanding. We need to approach this in a more holistic way. By putting the Samaritan center, Salvation Army under one roof, and adding places to sleep and be taken care off in the same facility. We can have their basic needs met. And have counseling, rehabilitation programs and training for the ability to get back into society with the skills to survive and make a living. There is a vacant school in very good condition in the Donavan that is for sale with plenty of space both inside and outside. We could use this property to create a place that is safe for everyone and establish a center that will genuinely make a difference, with everything under one roof. This is an extremely cost-effective way to both help and creates a better environment for downtown living and tourism. While having a full treatment facility for the less fortunate. 

With the same approach, we should be looking at a safe needle and injection site, in conjunction with Methadone treatment and Medical Marijuana treatment center, which can be housed all under one roof. This treatment center can conduct studies on how effective the treatments are and their success rates. We need to stop having needles laying around the city and we need to find the best way to help the ones that want to be helped. 

The Art Gallery

With a projected $30 million price tag to build a new art gallery at the Sudbury arena, it seems pointless and very expensive. Unless you address the other problems in downtown first this is not going to bring in visitors or tourists. But if we work out the first projects with homelessness and drug use. We could then make a much more cost effective and I feel more attractive art gallery location. For $1 million dollars you could buy the old Roys Furniture building downtown. It is three times the size of our current art gallery space. You could spend $1 million renovating it and be $28 million ahead of the Museum cost to the Junction.

These are some of the ideas I've highlighted as low hanging fruit, but the list of things we could do to improve the lifestyle, job creation and care for our seniors is endless. Vote for me, and I will help turn this city into the hub of the north and a leader in Canada. 

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